HYscent Fragrances

The HYscent refills are made from a Proprietary Polymer Blend (refill) infused with “PURE” essential oils. The essential oils in HYSO’s refills are infused at the molecular level and are released evenly throughout the life of the refill. Over four years of development and research have allowed HYscent to offer one of the most technologically advanced fragrance products in use today. Absent of Propellants, Petroleum Distillates and Harmful Solvents, HYscent delivers pure, natural “Essential Oil” fragrance untainted by additional chemicals. Because the refills are completely dry, there are no spills, mess or wasteful evaporation.

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Signature Fragrance Family

HYscent’s Signature fragrances are created by blending a complex combination of pure essential oils. Designed for long lasting use, Signature fragrances are the perfect solution for enhancing the work enviroment with the most welcoming and pleasing aromas available.



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